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2019 Indoor Schedule

(Little Warriors (1st/2nd graders) do not play indoors.  They will begin outside at end of April.


        Some things about the Rink. 
       *** IT'S COLD - turf area is not heated so dress accordingly
        *** NO CLEATS (if someone shows up with cleats they will be asked to leave).  
        *** Arrive with half a bucket of balls and leave with the same amount (if you leave with more than you came you are taking the other coaches balls).  
        *** Start on time and leave on time.  The second your time is up we will direct the other team to the turf, we will not wait for you to finish (if your stuff is not all picked up it will just go a lot harder for you).  My recommendation is to meet in the warm-up room or somewhere  off the turf to summarize the practice if needed.
The Dorset School Gym - starting Monday March 18th
Mon and Wed = Girls 3/4 from 4:30-6:00  
Tues and Thurs = Boys 3/4 from 4:30-6:00
Indoor practice is a game changer for ELA and it shows when we play teams that don’t have the luxury.  Take your time seriously out there.























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